Coffee Socket

Date: 2016-11-04
Last Updated: 2016-11-04
#GIS #Programming

Coffee Socket is an idea I had a number of years ago, when I was frequenting coffee shops in Dublin and inevitably needed to charge my laptop. The concept was for a website (initially) that would have an embedded map with pins for each coffee shop / tea room in Dublin. “Nothing interesting here” you’re thinking to yourself, well the cool bit was that by clicking on each pin you would be told the number of seats & power sockets per floor, as well as the ratio of seats to sockets.

I did a small amount of work on this at the time, taking a small amount of data to get going. My main issue lay in my lack of experience dealing with web applications and embedded features. Over all collecting the data would have been the major issue, it would be a task beyond just one man, meaning I would have needed some way to allow users to add data. This would have meant the need for authenticating said data etc.

Perhaps some day I will get the site up and running I do still have that data and scripts after all. Even just as a party piece…I know it’d be a dull party.