WorldWideWeb Emulator

Date: 2020-11-01
Last Updated: 2020-11-01

The internet as we know it was developed at CERN in 1990, credit going to Tim Berners-Lee. The frist browser was developed by the same man at CERN on a NeXT cube, this was great if you had a NeXT machine but they were costly so other browsers such The Line Mode browser filled the gap. In 2019 a group of developers and designers gathered at CERN to rebuild the experience of the WorldWideWeb broswer on a NeXT machine within a tab of a modern browser.

You can experience this at this address:

When I tried this I of course had to look at my own website. Remarkably it didn’t look bad at all. Some spacing was off, and images didn’t work but it was still quite impressive (to me).