Date: 2020-04-30
Last Updated: 2020-04-30

I am a recently graduated Astrophysicist from DCU, and I currently earn my living as a Software Engineer. But whenever I get the chance I am a tinkerer, a caver, a photographer, and explorer.

Since 2014 I have been a member of DCU Caving Club and the Speleological Union of Ireland (SUI), and have had an extremely interesting time and thrilling adventures with the club, and the friends I made in it. I spent two years as the club’s Public Relations Officer, during which time I wrote trip reports, updated the quote book, and managed the club website and Facebook page.

Since I stepped down as PRO for the DCU Caving Club I missed writing trip reports and so I have started to keep a log of my caving experiences, maybe it’ll come in useful sometime.

Stalactites in Marble Arch Cave, Co. Fermanagh

Stalactites in Marble Arch Cave, Co. Fermanagh